Educator Effectiveness

Comprehensive educator effectiveness models start with effective educators.

NIET provides both on-site and online support to states, districts and schools across multiple aspects of educator effectiveness through educator evaluation, professional development and teacher leadership.

This support is delivered both on-site and online through our comprehensive TAP System and customizable Best Practices Center.

These tools include an online portal which houses videos, training modules, strategies and a human capital management system known as CODE to provide district and school leadership teams with real-time data to inform decisions.

Learn more about how the TAP System and the Best Practices Center support improved educator effectiveness.

NIET also works with states, districts and schools to design and implement these systems using either the TAP Teaching Standards or assisting partners in creating their own rubrics. These efforts are supported by:

  • multiple measures of educator effectiveness
  • research-based teacher classroom observation rubric that correlates with student achievement growth
  • online certification and recertification of evaluators
  • online inter-rater reliability tools and resources
  • detailed post-conference planning to translate evaluation results into professional growth opportunities
  • hundreds of hours of video of effective teaching with evidence and scoring
  • training modules on each indicator of the observational rubric to support individualized professional development for teachers

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