Evaluation Certification

An essential element of effective teaching is providing regular, timely evaluation and feedback. But creating a robust evaluation system takes significant time and resources.

To streamline the evaluation process, we provide a powerful tool with the ability to certify evaluators online. This is a useful and convenient component of NIET's robust educator evaluation system, offered through the NIET Best Practices Portal.

Educators have the option of taking the certification test on the training site or online. The online test comes complete with available videotaped lessons to use for collecting evidence, assigning scores to rubric indicators and developing objectives for reinforcement and refinement with a teacher.

Built into the system are the national raters' scores so that the tests can be scored accurately and objectively.

In addition, NIET offers the process to recertify evaluators year after year.

Contact us to learn more about the online certification process or to implement the system.

For more information, please call 1-800-575-NIET (6438) or email info@niet.org.