Human Capital

NIET is continually developing new and more powerful resources to support teachers in improving their skills and increasing student achievement. Calculating educator evaluation scores that impact performance-based compensation is made simple with the CODE System.


The CODE System is an interactive human capital management tool that is used to store and analyze teacher evaluations.

By entering the observations into CODE, users can access more than 20 real-time reports and analyze the results of teacher evaluations across grade levels and content areas. CODE also ensures inter-rater reliability and consistency of evaluators.

CODE is highly customizable and can be used to analyze teacher evaluation data for states or districts using any instructional rubric and to manage higher education clinical evaluation.

Performance-Based Compensation

Our performance-based compensation system allows educators to receive salaries and bonuses tied to their roles and responsibilities, instructional performance and the learning growth of their students.

We are working with more than 70 districts across the country to design and implement systems like this, often generating strong support from teacher unions for developing innovative performance compensation systems based on multiple measures.

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